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BEE Certificate – Free Service for SME’s

Requirements of the new BEE Law:

If your Company’s annual turnover (sales) is below R10 million, you require a BEE Affidavit which serves as your BEE Certificate. Sign up for our Independent Black Shareholding Verification below and get your FREE BEE Affidavit and FREE BEE business listing on South Africa’s black owned business directory.

Need a BEE Certificate? Due to changes in the BEE Law, you now require a compulsory and Official BEE Affidavit which serves as your BEE Certificate. Your Official BEE Affidavit needs to be used for CSD / Tenders / Contracts.

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The Requirements to get your own FREE BEE Affidavitbeecertificatesouthafrica

1. Company Registration Document: You will need a Registered Company (If you do not have one, we can assist).
2. An ID document
3. Valid Share Certificates. You need Share Certificates for each shareholder of the company (Don’t have any, we can assist)
4. An Annual Turnover of R 10 million or less in the last financial year in order to qualify as an EME (most small to medium businesses)

If your annual turnover is below R 10 million you qualify as an Exempt Micro Enterprise: You will therefor either get a Level 1, 2 or level 4 rating – guaranteed ! (100% black owned businesses get Level 1 – the best BEE level – guaranteed. White owned businesses get a level 4 – guaranteed. Between 51% and 99% Black Owned will get a level 2).


Our Timeframe

Within 24 hours! You will receive a usable copy of your Independent BEE Verification and Professional Affidavit via email.

To get your own Independent BEE Verification and Professional BEE Affidavit within 24 hours, just complete and submit the easy online form below, and we will call you ASAP with our easy instructions.


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Profiting from BEE verification

The South African Government thought it well to implement a structure where previously disadvantaged people will be given a chance to partake in the bustling world of commerce that facilitates all manners of business. These areas include legal, political, economic, cultural, social and technology.

Section 9 of the Bill of Rights reads as follows…

“Equality includes the full and equal enjoyment of all rights and freedoms. To promote the achievement of equality, legislative and other measures designed to protect or advance persons or categories of persons disadvantaged by unfair discrimination may be taken.”

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BEE Verification Services:

We do Independent BEE Verifications and Professional BEE Affidavits (due to many buyers who still insist on BEE Certificates, when a standard Free Affidavit is downloadable from the CIPC Website) for clients all over South Africa including Johannesburg; Midrand; Sandton; Pretoria; Durban; and ALL other regions in South Africa / across the world using our simple and straightforward online application process.

*Disclaimer: The timeframe for finalisation of services at Ubuntu is set within 6 months from date of payment. After 6 months, should processing of a service not commenced due to client information outstanding, the client will unfortunately forfeit the service(s)

We are not the Government, but professionals representing Clients at institutions. Our Director himself, has much knowledge and experience with CIPC, which he uses to represent clients at CIPC. Note that Company Registration, Tax and other company services are also available directly at the Government institutions at a lower costs.