Companies which are BEE Compliant are a step ahead because of FOUR advantages:

1. Better than competition

BEE Compliant Companies are seen as better than non-compliant Companies.


2. Small Companies can compete with large corporations

Small Companies with good BEE Ratings can compete for contracts/ tenders with larger Corporations which does not have a great BEE Rating.

3. Growth via Tenders and Long-term Contracts

Companies that acquire a tender (BEE is compulsory for all tenders), will be provided with opportunities for future growth.

4. Great BEE ratings stand out (Especially Level 1)

Government organisations such SETA judge the Companies they list largely according to their BEE Rating.

5. BEE aid the inequalities of Apartheid

The Dti, or Department of Trade and Industry, of South Africa manages the laws of the B-BBEE Act.  Hereby they pursue aiding the past injustice which Black South Africans had to suffer in the past.  Their objectives with this Act follow:

  • Enable and empower black people to do business in South Africa.
  • Enable BEE Complaint business to get finance easier. 
  • Have a procurement policy in place which enables businesses with great BEE Scores to be preferred suppliers.